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An image has surfaced online of the CPU cooler that Intel will equip with its upcoming, more energy-efficient Alder Lake processors. Currently, only K versions of these CPUs are available; It is delivered without refrigerant.

Intel RM1 cooler. Photo: Video Cards

The RM1 cooler has a small heatsink and LED strip around the fan. This fan is held in place by a large piece of plastic. This can be deduced from the picture by VideoCardz It was placed online in high definition.

In September, it was already possible to see the coolant in a file Alleged leak From Intel, which has two other coolers. At the time, it was not clear if the chip was real. Now that it is also possible to see the coolant in high resolution in another image, it is likely that all three coolers are present. In addition to the RM1, there is also a slightly larger RH1 with more LED illumination and an RS1 variant without the LED ring.

According to the chip, Intel will provide coolers with 65W processors of the Alder Lake series. The RM1 offered will be paired with Core i7, i5, and i3 versions. The larger RH1 is for the Core i9 series and the RS1 is for the Pentium and Celeron CPUs.

So far, Intel has only released 125W variants of the Alder Lake processors. They do not come with coolers. As expected Intel introduces January 4, 2022 New variants of Alder Lake processors. Presumably this relates to existing versions as well caseVersion will be delivered with new refrigerant.

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