Year-end bonus: These companies are moving forward | a job

Year-end bonus: These companies are moving forward |  a job

Several Dutch people received their year-end bonus again. Often this is part of the profit margin or just a bonus. Some companies go even further. There are also bonuses that act as a piggy bank or for which the employee must make a social contribution.

In December, many employees receive – in addition to their salary – their thirteenth year-end or month-end bonus. The allowance is about 4 to 8 percent of the gross annual salary. In the thirteenth month, the employee receives a full total monthly salary.

The employer is not legally obligated to deliver the year-end bonus. On the other hand, remuneration is often specified in the collective labor agreement, company scheme, or in the contract. However, companies still have enough freedom to devise rewards themselves or to set certain preconditions.

Additional vacation days or pension

In addition to the year-end bonus, employees of the recruitment agency ManpowerGroup Netherlands also receive a budget for benefits, which is a bonus of 13.58 percent of the total annual salary, says Susan Hamlink, Director of People and Culture. Employees can then decide for themselves how to spend this money. They can buy additional vacation days beyond the statutory minimum, invest it in an additional pension or pay it in part as a lump sum.”

There are no performance requirements attached to the budget. If the funds are not used, the remaining amount will be paid to ManpowerGroup employees in January. “Then start saving again in the new year.”

Orange Cyberdefense, a cybersecurity company, pays a year-end bonus and also gives employees a bonus linked to employee performance. Employees receive a Team Incentive Plan (TIP) when four goals are achieved with the team. “The TIP bonus is different from the year-end bonus,” says Miranda Nijsen, Director of Human Resources, because it is a recognition of teamwork rather than the individual. With a TIP bonus, employees are eligible for free sunglasses, an e-reader, or a weekend getaway.

towards a good cause

All employees at Orange Cyberdefense must achieve a total of four goals. The first two are business in nature, such as providing candidates for vacancies. The other two goals are set by the employees themselves. “The majority wanted to do something for charity, which eventually led to a donation to the food bank.”


The TIP Bonus is different from the End of the Year Bonus because it is a recognition of teamwork, not of the individual

Miranda Nijsen, Orange Cyberdefense,

Staff didn’t have to go to the food bank separately for this past year. All food was collected in the office for four weeks. “This was logistically convenient and this way all donations can be traced.”

The TIP bonus requires the participation of everyone in the company. ‘Everyone or no one’ says Nijsen. If the goal isn’t achieved, or if one team member doesn’t participate, no one gets rewarded. We want to strengthen the team spirit, but we also want to do something good for the community. It comes together well in this reward system.”

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