XS4All will stop using Webdisk at the end of this year, referring clients to KPN Cloud – IT Pro – News

XS4ALL will discontinue the Webdisk service as of December 17th. All files stored online on that day will be deleted. Customers are referred to an alternative to the storage service, KPN Cloud from parent company KPN.

XS4ALL clients can still access 10GB of storage per email address with KPN Cloud, although files in a Webdisk environment may have to be transferred. This can be done by downloading files, perhaps with FileZilla if it’s multiple files. The relevant files must then be uploaded manually to KPN Cloud, the companies explain On the support page From.

XS4ALL says in a message to customers that the parent company’s service has “more potential” than Webdisk, including the ability to sync files automatically. In addition, the files are still stored on Dutch servers.

XS4ALL Webdisk Service Introduced in 2006 And originally allowing users to use a virtual storage disk as a local disk. In 2006, customers gained access to 200 megabytes of cloud storage. The disappearance of the service accompanied by the general phasing out the XS4ALL brand by KPN. Become a customer of a Dutch provider company Slowly but surely to the KPN ecosystem Which means it is already defined for example Email functionality has been removed.

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