Cesar Zuidwick was affected by illness and loss

Cesar Zuidwick was affected by illness and loss

Drummer Cesar Zuiderwijk had already started a new squad with Mario Goossens of Triggerfinger before announcing his teammate’s illness, so he remains active. In addition, his theatrical tour, The Naked Truth, will begin in November, which means that the musician has an empty agenda.

Don’t stay dry

This theatrical show is about my life, from little Cesar to the golden earring and today, “Cesar tells the story. During one of my previous theatrical productions, I couldn’t help myself on stage when I talked about my father’s death. He died of cancer… I was three then Ten years. I can sometimes sympathize with that, it depends on the day and the moment. My father is still in my life every day. This is also a beautiful thing of course. He has never experienced a gold earring, but has seen it from above. I believe in it.


Cesar also has a great connection with patient George Koyman. “George is fine,” Cesar says. “He can’t play anymore, that’s a shame, but he can still communicate. I often visit him, we remain friends. I also see Rinus a lot, the three of us spend a lot of time together. We see Barry less, because he lives in Curaçao. It’s more difficult. No. No going back, the three of us can’t go on.

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