Xiaomi Announces Redmi K60 Phones After Christmas – Tablets & Phones – News

Xiaomi will release its Redmi K60 phones after Christmas, the manufacturer announced. The current generation first came with the Gaming variant before the regular variants, which now seems to be the case again.

Redmi K60 teaser

Redmi says that the presentation will take place on Tuesday at 7 PM China time. It was in the afternoon in Holland and Belgium. In the current generation, there was a gaming variant first and in the announcement, the manufacturer is now talking about gaming again. The image shows a triple-camera rear, with a square cut-out at the bottom. This usually refers to a telescope zoom lens.

Moreover, a loudspeaker can be seen on top, a hole for a microphone and, presumably, a hole for an infrared transmitter. It has been on many models of the Chinese manufacturer for years. The K60 series comes under the Redmi K series. These phones usually do not enter the European market under this name, but they often appear under the Poco brand name. For example, Redmi K50i debuted as Poco X4 GT.

Although Redmi does not make high-end phones, some models are getting new socs and new technologies. For example, the Redmi Note 12 Discovery appeared this fall, and it’s the first phone that can charge at 210W.

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