Chinese aircraft and ships in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese aircraft and ships in the Taiwan Strait

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China allowed 71 combat aircraft and 7 warships to cross the median line in the Taiwan Strait in the past 24 hours. The middle line of the strait between China and Taiwan is an unofficial border between the two countries. It is, according to Taiwan, the largest amount of Chinese war material outside that border to date.

China’s display of military might is a response to Taiwan’s desire for independence. China also describes it as a firm response to the US provocation. Beijing is furious, among other things, over a US budget passage that describes extensive cooperation with Taiwan.

Nancy Pelosi

Last summer, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. Beijing regards foreign governments’ visits to the island as recognition of Taiwan’s independence.

China and Taiwan have long accepted the median line in the Taiwan Strait as an unofficial boundary. Among the planes that crossed the line were more than 20 fighters and drones. This has happened often since 2020. Chinese planes and warships continued to cross the unofficial border after Pelosi’s visit.

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