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Xiaomi will announce its Xiaomi 13 smartphones on Thursday. The smartphones are believed to be the first high-end models of the manufacturer with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 and MediaTek Dimensity 9200 socs.

The announcement is scheduled to take place on Thursday around noon Dutch time, according to the newspaper Invitation from the company. In addition to the Xiaomi 13 smartphones, the manufacturer will also show Miui 14 there, and will show its Android skin based on Android 13. Upgrades to existing phones are likely to follow.

There will likely be several models, including the Pro one. The regular model will have a flat screen and flat sides, according to a render that a Xiaomi executive has already released. The size of the phone is about 155 x 71.5 mm. The phone has been seen before when applying. The border of the device is 1.81 mm at the bottom; The other sides have a border of 1.61mm. There is a hole for the camera in the center of the top.

Phones are coming now, because only Qualcomm and MediaTek socs for advanced phones announce. competitor Vivo also announced the phones with these socks. Thursday’s announcement is for publication in China. Xiaomi often releases its smartphones later in Europe. Besides phones and Miui, more new products from Xiaomi are expected to arrive on Thursday, including its first desktop, router, projector, and wireless earphones.

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