BNNVARA apologizes to its former employees De Wereld Draait Door | The media

BNNVARA apologizes to its former employees De Wereld Draait Door |  The media

BNNVARA management has apologized in an email to the more than three hundred people who have participated in the program over the past fifteen years. door world I worked. This was confirmed by the broadcaster’s spokesperson villa modes.

Susanne Kunzeler, content manager, and Ioniki van der Zee, general manager, apologized in an email sent to all employees last week.

BNNVARA reported Thursday that everyone who has worked on the program has been invited to talk about their experiences. Former employees can speak to management jointly or individually. “Just what people need,” the spokesperson said. The broadcaster is making no statements about the reactions this email has caused, a spokesperson said Monday.

Talk show host Matthys van Nieuwkirk discredited himself with an article he published De Volkskrant. In it, former employees talk about Van Nieuwkerk’s “cross-border” modus operandi and the atmosphere behind the scenes. Dozens of people got sick because of the working conditions. Since then, Van Nieuwkerk has broken off his collaboration with BNNVARA.

The NPO is conducting a major investigation into the misconduct DWDD The announcer announced the entire year. Not only complaints about television programs are examined, but also about radio stations. The investigation is being led by former minister Martin van Rijn, but the exact wording of the committee’s question has not yet been made public. All of the broadcasters said they wanted to cooperate with the investigation.

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