Xi Jinping and Biden discuss Ukraine: ‘Something we don’t want to see’ | Abroad

Xi Jinping and Biden discuss Ukraine: 'Something we don't want to see' |  Abroad

The phone call lasted about two hours. Xi also told Biden that the reciprocal relationship could not turn into confrontation and that countries should do everything in their power to put relations back on the “right track.” The atmosphere between the two countries has been tense for some time, due in part to China’s refusal to strongly condemn Russia’s military intervention and China’s desire to annex Taiwan. The United States supports Ukraine and wants Taiwan to remain an independent country governed by democracy.

According to Xi, the United States and China should do everything they can to achieve world peace. According to Chinese state media, Biden has told that the top priorities now are to continue negotiations, avoid casualties, prevent a humanitarian crisis, and agree to a ceasefire and “end the war as soon as possible.”

Xi also sees a role for NATO in this. According to him, he should enter into talks with Russia “to resolve the factors behind the Ukrainian crisis.” With the latter, Xi is referring, among other things, to Ukraine’s possible NATO membership, which Russia vehemently opposes.

Xi also told Biden that his country is ready to provide additional humanitarian aid to Ukraine, according to Chinese state media.

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