Prince Daniel has completed a business trip to the United States

Prince Daniel has completed a business trip to the United States

Sweden’s Prince Daniel’s tour of the United States has come to an end. The Svensk Domting website reports that he is visiting his family in Stockholm.

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Daniel left this week with representatives of the Prince Daniel Fellowship to introduce Swedish entrepreneurs to fellow entrepreneurs in Seattle and Silicon Valley near San Francisco. Companies visited by the group include Nasdaq, Boeing, Amazon, Nvidia and Microsoft. Swedes also went to many universities.

According to photos shared via Instagram by entrepreneur, TV personality and travel crew member Kunilla van Platon, the prince also made time for personal visits during his trip. He met with billionaire Barbro Osher, the Swedish Consul General in San Francisco and a well-known philanthropist. Osher knows Daniel and Princess Victoria well. Seven years ago when the two were in San Francisco for a business trip and vacation he cared for Princess Estelle for a while.

Daniel will not have much time to catch him after Victoria returns home. The title princess is due to go on Saturday. He attends the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Swedish student body SFS.


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