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Xbox allows players to broadcast their gameplay directly to Twitch. This integration makes it easy to start streaming on the Xbox console. The feature was released to Xbox Insiders in October.

Xbox and Twitch make the new device Flow functions Available immediately on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. From the dashboard, the user can choose to live stream and start Twitch broadcasts while playing. The Twitch account you want to stream can be linked to your Xbox by scanning a QR code with your smartphone. In October last year, broadcast integration was provided for Xbox Insiders† Then there was silence for a while. Xbox is now rolling out the ability to stream from Xbox to all users.

Broadcasters can add a headset and webcam to the broadcast in their live streaming options. In addition, they can adjust the resolution and bitrate. Also, it supports live streaming to Twitch on Xbox Series X/S as well Quick resume-job. This means that you can switch between games within a few seconds while playing. The stream will learn this according to Xbox and will adapt your Twitch broadcast information to the game you’re switching to.

Broadcasting from Xbox on Twitch was already possible in the past on Xbox One. This integration was only removed again in 2017 when Microsoft created its own streaming platform. This platform later merged into Mixer and became Microsoft’s live streaming service and Twitch’s main competitor. Microsoft couldn’t attract viewers which is why the company decided to launch it in 2020 unplug mixer To pull.

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