“X is working on three new Premium subscriptions for the amount of ads to be shown” – IT Pro – News

X wants to split its current Premium subscription into three new subscription types: Basic, Standard, and Plus. The three levels determine the number of ads a user sees. Bloomberg wrote this based on a source who was present on a video call between X and creditors.

The intention is to convince people who find the current $8 per month premium service too expensive. Bloomberg writes. X wants to use this to offset its loss in advertising revenue. CEO Linda Yaccarino reportedly said in the chat that even though advertisers are returning to the platform, they are spending less. The company wants to achieve positive cash flow in the second half of 2024, including debt, partly due to these subscriptions.

Although prices have not been announced Has X User Aaronp613 References to the three subscription types have already been found in Twitter’s previous iPhone app code. This shows that the basic version displays the normal amount of ads. It’s not clear whether this means every user has to become a member of the base tier, and whether that tier will cost money as well. Good Elon Musk said last month He wants to charge each user a “small monthly fee” to get rid of the many bots on the platform. With the standard subscription, users receive half the number of ads, just as with the current premium service. With Plus, the goal is that users will never see ads at all. This layer is probably more expensive than $8. It is unknown if and when these subscription types will be released.

Icon indicating X’s three Premium subscriptions

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