April 1, 2023

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With this simple trick, you will prevent tulips from hanging

With this simple trick, you will prevent tulips from hanging

From January, tulips will be in abundance again. A moment we always look forward to, because the colorful, cheerful spring flowers gently herald the approach of spring. But when they get stuck it is a very sad sight. Fortunately, you can easily prevent this.

Pin in a bouquet of flowers

All you have to do is pierce the stems with a pin, Just below the flower. This way you keep the flowers from hanging. Then put the tulips in one a small layer of water in the vase, because that also prevents the flower from “looking down”. Fill up on water occasionally, because they can drink a lot.

This way your tulips will stay beautiful for a longer period of time

In addition, the tips below also help ensure that your tulips stay beautiful for a longer period:

  • Cut the stems respectively With a sharp knife, not at an angle like most other flowers. This prevents the tulips from absorbing too much water, causing them to droop.
  • Remove the leaves immersed in the water and place them in a clean (!) Vase.
  • Add cut flower food or a dash of bleach for more vigorous blooms and water that stays cleaner longer.
  • Do not place tulips near ripening fruit, central heating or stoves, and avoid direct sunlight.
  • If necessary, change the contaminated water and cut an oblique piece of stems again.
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