Winning for the book News from the Cosmos by Govert Schilling

Winning for the book News from the Cosmos by Govert Schilling

News from the universe Written by Govert Schilling is a collection of news stories that provide a concise summary of the most important revolutionary developments in astronomy and the growth of our knowledge of the universe we live in in 40 notable annual events. From the Sun, Moon and planets in our solar system to research into stars, exoplanets and black holes, and from current developments in the here and now to fascinating new ideas about the evolution of the universe.

In March 2024, it will be exactly 40 years ago when De Volkskrant first published an article by astronomical journalist Govert Schilling. This article discusses the Dutch infrared satellite IRAS, a somewhat distant predecessor to the new James Webb Space Telescope. Track hundreds of news, essential stories, interviews and general articles covering all astrological subfields. in News from the universe A carefully selected and updated selection of these elements has been compiled into a complete and up-to-date overview of 4 decades of astronomy.

Answer the quiz and stand a chance to win the book News from the universe By Govert Schilling!

(This competition runs until March 7, 2024)

Win Govert Schelling’s book

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