Windows 11 virtual machines also require TPM 2.0 in beta – Computer – News

Isn’t it more like sending encrypted data to the bootloader? This does not make objection impossible. Data “captured” in this way takes time to decrypt. Whether you want to spend time on it (or a lot of CPU resources) it will be more important for security.

And then of course there is still a 5 Euro chrome-vanadium key and some pain points that will ruin the security of your 5000 Euro system.

As long as Windows 11 continues to rely on “backward compatibility,” security is the same as the proverbial red-haired stepchild. Let this be the reason why businesses are stuck with Windows.

Personally, I would expect Microsoft to overplay its part. TPM support is too much of a hassle for existing hardware, 3 different forms of header connections, limited availability, and different TPM versions. This is not a problem for a drug addict. But for the average consumer? Those who prefer to buy a new computer and toss their computer (which has not yet been written off) in the trash. If there is enough money to buy a new system at all.

The pre-virus outbreak was Windows 11 and the hardware required a better idea than it is now, because PC prices are much higher due to less availability and there hasn’t been a report recently that chip makers are putting 10-20% ahead. their prices? Such a price increase at the beginning of the supply chain will cost the customer very little, and if a lot of people have a little to spend, Windows 11 and its hardware requirements is not a good idea.

Or they delve deeper into debt for a safety option that can be cracked in less than 30 minutes. Also message on Tweakers.

In short, Microsoft shows pride in Windows 11. From what I’ve seen so far, Windows 11 isn’t worth the extra investment in hardware. The search and start menu also does not work smoothly and is advertised, you can just fill the news widget with MSN news (there is no better news than MSN news). It makes it difficult to configure the settings if you want a non-Microsoft browser to use.

It’s not an invitation. During Microsoft’s first presentation of Windows 11, the point was that Windows 11 should be seen as “the home”. It seems more and more that you share your “home” with your spanking partner.

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