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What I don’t understand is why people always bring Apple and Android, but forget what makes MS compute worse.

If the MS account on a computer works like Google on Android and Apple on iPhone, there may not even be a problem, you can sign in to all the services you may be using.

What Apple and especially Android is doing is what AH is doing now a little bit, iPhones but especially Android phones are completely usable without an account, just like you can get into AH without a customer card.

Signing into both gives you more options, just like a reward card that gives you discounts on products from the booklet.

If Microsoft just started using this method, I wouldn’t bother, it’s optional and I use my MS account pure and lonely In their store so I can play my two Forza games that I purchased.

But no, Microsoft wants to go a step further, they don’t think it’s enough for you to sign in to their services on your computer with a local account.

They want all of it so your whole computer is behind this account ie AH will only let you in if you have a bonus card registered even if you don’t want to take advantage of the offers you serves Then the registration of that card remains with you.

Otherwise, you won’t be allowed in, ever.

Only AH does not have a monopoly in the supermarket market, as Windows does in the desktop/laptop market, which makes this push even more problematic.

And why all this? Apart from grabbing the data, I can’t think of anything better, just nonsensical excuses like “it’s better for the user” or “easier”.

I don’t mind being linked to a MS account like Google and Apple but taking my entire computer behind that account hostage stop it I’m going to log into services I might use I have no sense my entire computer is being held hostage behind an account .

This is the real problem with the MS account in Windows (especially Windows 11 where they push it even harder)

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And what I think is even worse is that some people justify it, things like, “It’s not that bad, is it?” Or “create a dummy account” and things like that.

Why should you create a dummy account for features you don’t want to use? If you only want to use your iPhone or Android phone for calls, texts, and maybe take pictures, that’s fine, why not use Windows?

Precisely because MS wants to hold your computer hostage behind this account, this account like MS has been pushing for the past few years not an addition to your computer alone, not just additional features.

Your entire computer is behind this account, and this piece can (and should) finally go into the trash.

Opinions will always differ, but it’s absolutely ridiculous how forcefully Microsoft has taken this matter. But before anyone comes up with examples, think for a moment about what makes this worse than most things.

On the side note maybe Linux should finally grow up, it works just fine on my Steam Deck anyway (more difficult, but I’ve always been a Windows user)

I just never see it happen, and who knows if that day comes, maybe they’ll get the same stupid arithmetic idea as MS is doing now.

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