Amalia without a hat, and Maxima with it: that’s what the oranges wear on Bonaire today

Amalia without a hat, and Maxima with it: that's what the oranges wear on Bonaire today

Princess Amalia omitted a hat, and Queen Máxima opted for an antique gold one. Read all about the royal visit to Bonaire and the outfits pictured here.

On Saturday morning, the Lieutenant Governor will receive the party at the official residence, where members of the Island Council and Representatives will be present.

Next, they visit the “slave huts” on Witte Pan, which symbolize Bonaire’s slavery past. Then they tour along the west coast and visit Nos Zjilea in the Cultural Park Mangazina di Rei, where the historical cultural heritage of Bonaire is on display. Locals talk about their neighbourhoods, a family of four generations bake bread in an old brick oven and primary school kids perform with learning orchestras. The group will also see an exhibit about the history of the island.

Afterwards, there will be an Arawak luncheon with the people of Bonaire on current topics, such as climate change, agricultural development, and poverty reduction.

In the afternoon, this is followed by a visit to Sorobon Bay, where a windsurfing demonstration takes place. Bonaire is well known for its kitesurfing opportunities and talent. Next, the royal couple and the Princess of Orange will talk to junior rangers from the National Parks Corporation on Bonaire about nature conservation in the coastal region. This mainly concerns the mangroves that protect the coast. The group takes a boat trip through the bay and the mangrove area.

A visit to Bonaire ends the evening in Kralendijk with a visit to the “Taste of Bonaire”, a cultural market featuring local produce, gastronomy and musical performances.

Fashion queen Maxima
The Queen wears a famous dress with puffed sleeves by Australian brand Zimmermann. Her donut hat comes from Fabienne Delvigne’s studio and we know her from King’s Day 2014.

(c) Bruno
A screenshot from the princes’ video

Maxima with the hat on King’s Day 2014:

Princess Amalia fashion
The orange princess wears a new light green dress with a print. Missing hat. More information will follow as soon as possible.

(c) Anne Marie de Condre

Don’t quote me like this, but I suspect Amalia’s dress is by Nathan. Anyway, it is very similar in style and design to Elizabeth’s dress by Natan.

(c) Bruno/PPE
(c) Bruno

Amalia earrings were designed by Ole Lynggaard and come from Máxima’s safe.

Bag from Marina Rafael:

Updated thanks to Apple Watch:

The gold ring was previously worn during the photo shoot and was borrowed from…. Yes, that’s right: Maxima.

28-01-2023 © PPE / Nieboer

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