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Windows 11 will have a volume mixer in it quick settings-painting. Users can then access individual application volume levels, output device options, and audio processing such as Dolby Atmos with a single click of the mouse.

Now it takes a total of four clicks, starting with quick settings, to access the audio mixer in Windows 11. With Windows 10, that’s two clicks. After this W11 update, the target can be reached in one click. In the panel, individual applications can be given a size higher or lower than the rest.

The functionality was released to testers on Thursday in the OS Dev Channel, in build 25309. Anyone is free to move to Dev, although it’s more unstable than Beta and you can’t always downgrade to another channel easily. Microsoft talks about “starting up,” so not all dev testers will see the new blender right away. Microsoft has detailed the new volume mixer and all other minor and major changes in this new version in a blog post.

In the past six months, Microsoft has introduced a larger widget screen, support for iCloud photos and video recordings via the Snipping Tool, tabs in Explorer and Notepad, a dedicated taskbar for tablets, a search function in the task manager, and Bing-AI chatbot integration in the toolbar.

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