March 29, 2023

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More protests in Greece over anger over neglect of railways after train disaster |  outside

More protests in Greece over anger over neglect of railways after train disaster | outside

Protests in Thessaloniki spiraled out of control on Thursday over anger over the train disaster in Greece. Police say protesters threw Molotov cocktails.

At least 57 people were killed in a train accident on Tuesday. The death toll may continue to rise. Ten people have not been found so far and six injured people are in intensive care.

Angry Greeks have been taking to the streets since Wednesday evening. On Thursday, the number of demonstrators rose to at least 2,000.

Demonstrators in Thessaloniki carried flares and firecrackers. They threw stones, among other things. So the police used tear gas. Now it will be quiet on the street again.

And in Athens, demonstrations were held at the railway headquarters. The demonstration turned into a riot. Greek railway workers launched an all-day strike Thursday.

Protesters are angry that the railway companies and the government have ignored the track. This is how the Greek newspaper revealed Kathimerini that the railway’s automatic security system had been broken for nine years. Planned repairs have already been postponed seven times.

So the signals must be powered by people. As a result, two trains may end up on the same route on Tuesday. A passenger train and a freight train collided head-on. The 59-year-old station manager was arrested in Larissa on Tuesday on suspicion of wrongful death.

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