Win a Storytel reader with 3 months of free Storytel

Win a Storytel reader with 3 months of free Storytel

It’s almost vacation, and then you make time to read or listen to a good book. If this sounds like you, then you should definitely enter AW Giveaway today.

Storytel Reader

with the Storytel Reader You can read e-books and listen to audio books. This way you can listen to an audiobook in the car on the road and continue reading at home where you stopped listening. Audiobooks can be listened to on Storytel Reader using wireless headphones or speakers, but also with a wired headphone due to the 3.5mm headphone connection. According to the service, the 8 GB memory is enough to store 3000 books on the device, and it can also be external files such as epub files. The reader has a touch screen, but the device can also be used with the two physical buttons on the sides. You need a Storytel subscription to use the e-reader, but we’re giving you the first 3 months absolutely free.

This is how you earn Storytel reader with 3 months of free Storytel

Participating during the AW Advent calendar is not at all difficult. You go to the promotion page and There you answer a number of questions and leave your email address. We draw the tool among the participants and the winner will be notified by e-mail. Click on the image below or on this link.

AW Advent Calendar 2021, Day 17: Win a Storytel Reader with 3 Months of Free Storytel

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