Willie Alberti has started her new life…

Willie Alberti has started her new life...

Willeke made a conscious choice to keep her goodbyes small, and spend the day with the people she loves most. Hours before the party started, her kids Danielle, Johnny, and Cage had already come to the site. Willeke wanted to end her career with the presence of her offspring, grandchildren, and brother Tony. With the family, just as she started 65 years ago, she was singing with her father Willie Alberti at the time.


This may be a farewell to Willeke’s stage life, but she has yet to hang up her mic. This evening, the singer received a check of several tens of thousands of euros from Vriendenloterij for her Willeke Alberti Foundation. This allows her to play in nursing homes with her band. Because that’s what you want to keep doing for years to come. So she only sees the performance in Concertgebouw as a farewell to her solo career in the form of theatrical tours. When her fellow artists invited her to sing as a guest at their concert, she didn’t say “no” to her. We also welcome individual performances in the country. For example, last week it was announced that Willeke is one of the main guests at the opening of the Uitmarkt in Amsterdam. I really want to be remembered with my bands and for my loyal fans in Amsterdam at Museum Square. Sing together, laugh together and have fun together; This is what everyone wants.

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