Apple makes much more profit from services, Mac sales drop dramatically – tablets and phones – news

Euro value was > 1.20 dollars a year ago,

Now it is practically equal to a dollar. So I lost 20% in dollars..

At least, that’s just a simple math.

Maja In practice, 90% of the money does not end up in the US, but is deposited in other countries to avoid taxes and once the exchange rate is correct, it is moved again.

But if you’re going to convert EU earnings into dollars now, that’s 20-30% less than in dollars a year ago…

Realistically, this is the moment when, for example, the debts of the European Union and so on are paid off, because they are now “cheaper” than the dollar. (more euro for one dollar)

I won’t feel sorry for them ;)

When the dollar is low, these companies sometimes buy back their shares, for example, thus driving the price up, buying money from a currency that is currently favorable, and as soon as the dollar is up again, selling it again.

I’m not a specialist, so it could also be quite the opposite (I’m sure).

Note: I don’t understand why it is still legal for a company to buy back your shares.. after all, you by definition have inside information as a company, right?

Suppose a company sends a negative message to the world, in which it says that it can produce 20% less, then the shares go down and exactly after that they buy their own.

Then (24 hours later) they say: Oh no dude, we can even get 20% off. additional So the stock goes up, the company sells the same stock with profits in excess of billions. Jackpot win

Anyone have a good explanation of why this is allowed? :?: |

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