Willicki Alberti’s daughter, Danielle, gives a health update

Willicki Alberti's daughter, Danielle, gives a health update

“Good morning dears. I thought it was time to give an update on my health journey,” Danielle said via Instagram. “I’m on my way to Gronau in Germany because holistic medicine is becoming more natural in Germany.” In her new book, in the light of love Danielle told me before that she is spiritually inclined. Since then, she has consulted many alternative therapists and regular doctors.

difficult in the netherlands

She continues her story in the car, “It’s part of the medical world.” It’s still a bit tricky in the Netherlands. She says holistic doctors and therapists don’t work well together yet. She also says that she currently goes to Germany twice a week. There you get another intravenous injection of vitamin C. She shuts down positively and still has hope and confidence in the process and in her own body.


Because Danielle points out that he uses alternative therapists, The comparison to actress Sylvia Millicam, who died of breast cancer, is fast. After a lump was discovered in Sylvia’s breast in 1999 and she was later diagnosed with breast cancer, the actress was horrified to have surgery. Sylvia allowed herself to be told by self-proclaimed Jomanda that she did not have breast cancer, but a bacterial infection. Then Sylvia turned to alternative medicine. On August 19, 2001, Sylvia passed away at the age of 45 from the effects of metastatic breast cancer. After Sylvia’s death, the Health Care Inspectorate filed a complaint against Jomanda and some alternative therapists. In 2013, this led to the final convictions of two alternative healers and Jomanda’s acquittal, but by then the damage had already been done…

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The daughter of singer Williki Alberti and health coach Jupp Unck is married to football coach John Van Te Schep. Together, they have son Davy and daughter Estelle.

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