Willibrord Frequin’s wife puts a house up for sale

Huis Willibrord te koop

Gesina Lodewijkxs, wife of the deceased Willibrord Frequin, has put her home in Gooise Laren up for sale. Although she has fond memories of the house, it’s possible that the house is more than the size of Jessina.

Willebrord married Jessina in 2019 and they lived together in a cute single-family home in Larrain. The homeowner bought the house in 2003 for €294,000 and mortgaged it for €330,000. that reports a favour

595000 Euro

Jessina has now put the house up for sale at a asking price of 595,000 euros, which means that a profit of more than 260 thousand euros is lurking.

The house has an area of ​​132 square meters and consists of eight rooms, including four bedrooms and one bathroom. The house has a luxurious open kitchen and patio doors that provide access to the spacious garden.

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The past weeks have been difficult

Frequent had been ill for some time, and died on May 26 from the effects of Parkinson’s disease. He had long known that his end was near, but he continued to postpone the inevitable. He was still enjoying life so much and he was still with her spiritually.

“Spiritually, he wanted to stay, but he couldn’t go on anymore,” Jessina told Privé recently. The last six weeks of his life in particular were very difficult for him. Willibrord has given everything and the body is gone.”

May 26

On May 26, Jessina woke up next to Willibrord, just like every other day. “I saw that he was acting strange. I didn’t realize anything at the time, but when I walked around the bed to his side and looked at him again, I saw that he had gone to heaven. Strangely, I laughed because that thunder stone did it on the day of the ascension.”

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