Will you stop heating your house this winter? | Join the conversation

Will you stop heating your house this winter?  |  Join the conversation

Currently, Russia supplies less gas to Europe, which creates the risk of a gas shortage. According to the national government, there is no gas shortage in the Netherlands yet, but energy prices are on the rise. The Cabinet is already taking action to prepare the Netherlands for winter, and businesses and families are urged to save as much energy as possible. You can read on Twitter that many people are doing this now, because it saves a lot of costs.


Due to gas shortages, Germany announced that heating systems in public buildings may not exceed 19 degrees as of September 1. The heating must be completely turned off in the hall or corridor. This does not apply to hospitals or healthcare institutions. Companies are also no longer allowed to light their facades when it gets dark. The goal is to use 2 percent less gas. Switzerland aims to reduce gas consumption by companies and households by 15 percent, because this country is completely dependent on gas imports.

The Netherlands has not yet announced these measures. Are you already preparing for the upcoming winter?


Rose’s neighbors will try to turn off the heating this winter.

The power company’s customer service told Marieke that it should turn off the heating this winter. She is angry about it.

Are you turning off the heating? Then Emine offers some tips for surviving the winter.

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