Will Smith Surprises Actor Who Plays Fresh Prince Reboot | to watch

Will Smith Surprises Actor Who Plays Fresh Prince Reboot |  to watch

Young actor Jabari Banks landed the role of Will in the sitcom remake The new prince of Bel Air. Jabari received the good news during a surprise video call with his famous predecessor, Will Smith.

In the video, the unsuspecting Jabari, who took the test on his father’s advice, waits for what’s to come when Will Smith (52) suddenly appears on screen. He tells him he has the honor to congratulate him and continues, “You have the role of Will in Bel-Air.” The young actor puts his hands on his face and says he is ready for it. “This is a dream come true,” says Jabari.

American sitcom The new prince of Bel Air Over 30 years ago, this was a breakthrough for what was then Will Smith. The actor played a fictional version of himself. A troubled teen has only had to live for a short time with his wealthy aunt and uncle in the upscale Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. The sitcom ran on television for six seasons. The series was also broadcast in the Netherlands.

Peacock streaming service, part of US television channel NBC, recently announced its restart. This is in response to an online video that went viral in 2019 and shared by a fan new prince Imagine what the series would look like in the modern era. It is not yet known if and when the new version can be seen in the Netherlands.

Watch the show and entertainment videos below:

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