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Hello Games will release the free Frontiers expansion for No Man’s Sky on Wednesday. With this expansion, players can, among other things, use the spacesettlements Discover and manage. The Frontiers update also adds more parts to build a base.

According to developer Hello Games Players can encounter such settlements throughout the No Man’s Sky universe. Settlements are procedurally created using unique buildings, layouts, color schemes, and decorations. The studio said the settlements would initially be “small and modest,” but could eventually be expanded to include entire villages.

Players can use admin Settlement by earning the respect of the population. This makes the player responsible for “all aspects” of life within this colony. Users can customize the name of the settlement, choose which buildings to place, organize festivals, solve battles, fend off ranger attacks, and more.

Moreover build the baseThe functionality has been fixed, including a revamped interface and an improved menu. This would make selecting parts for the base quicker and easier. In addition, the developer adds more than 250 new spare parts, with which users can equip their base.

Hello Games is also talking about improved visual effects, for example when destroying terrain. In space now colorful nebulae to see. Furthermore, the number of save slots will be expanded from five to fifteen, Expedition rewards will now be synced via the cloud and you will receive a Steam version of No Man’s Sky business cards and badges. The Frontiers Update will be available to download for free to No Man’s Sky players, across all platforms, starting Wednesday.

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