Will Elizabeth’s death bring brothers William and Harry back together? | Royal family

William’s decision

William was due to make the decision at the last minute. “He wanted to form unity with the family during this difficult time,” a source within the royal family told British media.

Together they looked at Windsor Castle’s support statements – including notes – and spoke to fans, who flocked to the site in droves. Although they were close to each other and there was definitely no hostile atmosphere, they were mainly interested in the audience and not with each other.

He immediately began performing in the rumor mill. Does this mean everything is back to normal between William and Harry? The two brothers had been at odds with each other for some time. The first stories about this appeared when Prince Harry began an affair with Meghan Markle. His older brother would not like this relationship.

Harry and William are seen together quite often and in October 2019 Harry confirmed that their relationship had indeed deteriorated. “We’re brothers, we’re still brothers. We’re already going down different paths in our lives now, but we’ll always be there for each other.” This is what he said in the documentary film about him and his wife about their journey in Africa. “Most of the stories in the press are based on nothing. But you know, as brothers you have good and bad days.”

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