Nintendo is holding a live presentation this week of upcoming games this winter – Games – News

Switching is too slow for a (large) number of games. It’s time to:
1986: Miscellaneous
1992: SNES
1997: Nintendo 64
2002: Gamecube
2006: Wei
2012: Wei Yu
2017: Switch
A new console every 6, 5, or even 4 years. So in 2022/2023: A sequel to the Transformer?

In addition, there is clearly information to be found in the program code about DLSS support. The sequel to Breath of the Wild will be released next year, and there are rumors that the name will be revealed tomorrow. So it would be better to get a successor to the converter right away, with DLSS (4K?) support.
It might also make sense, because Switch Pro rumors have been going on and the Switch OLED looks like a sup, perhaps because the Switch 2/PRO/Plus/HD/Premium wasn’t fully technically developed at the time and an upgrade model made sense after such a long silence.

It’s been quiet at Nintendo for a long time, and hopefully there’s some good news. It’s been a long time since there was any news of a Breath of the Wild successor, and it’s time for a new console. I’m not expecting anything yet, because expectations have often been high and then we were disappointed, but I think now is the time to start hype for next year.

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