Why Morocco was excluded from the Jeddah summit

Why Morocco was excluded from the Jeddah summit

April 20, 2023 – 8:00 pm – Morocco


Several reasons led to Saudi Arabia’s exclusion of Morocco from the meeting on the reintegration of Syria into the Arab League, which was held in Jeddah last Friday.

The exclusion of Morocco from the Jeddah meeting can be explained by the fact that Rabat supports Washington’s policy for the current situation, while the Gulf states want to pursue policies that contradict US decisions regarding the Middle East, according to the analyzes. Middle East Monitor. The exclusion can also be justified by Algeria’s participation in this meeting. Rabat and Algiers have not maintained diplomatic relations for nearly two years.

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The author of the article points out that Morocco does not support the current process of rapprochement between the Gulf states and Iran. The kingdom severed relations with Tehran in 2018 after accusing Iran of supporting the Polisario Front in the desert. In addition, “Like Qatar, Morocco rejects Syria’s return to the Arab League. Rabat also failed to offer condolences to Damascus after the earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria in early February, and did not send humanitarian aid to the country.”

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