“Microsoft is bringing back the stickers below icons in the Windows 11 taskbar” – PC – News

On the one hand, bells and whistles continue to appear (for example, tabs in Notepad / Explorer and screenshot tools), on the other hand, they may disappear altogether. Why!

This is because of the concept.bent softwarepopularized by Apple.

This roughly means: the developer makes the software so that each function can logically be used in only one way, with as few functions and setup options as possible. If it doesn’t work the way you want it to, you’re using it “wrong”.

For the average user who messes with Facebook on their PC, this is great. Because the things a user wants are simple and clear because there are no “hard” jobs in the way and everything can be done in only one way.

It’s usually terrible for power users like me because you often have your own idea of ​​how you want something to work and then have to get involved in someone else’s thought training. Moreover, this mentality changes often (especially Apple has a hand in spreading chair legs out from under you by throwing everything upside down).

I want to be able to manipulate software so that it works exactly the way I want it to, and not someone else invented it. That’s why I hate this type of software and use, for example, KDE instead of macOS (or Gnome, which is an opinion like macOS unfortunately). Unfortunately, Microsoft is quite sensitive to fashion and follows it.

Fortunately, Microsoft also has many commercial customers that do more than just Facebook, so they can’t go entirely in the transit direction. And you can see that again here. And also with Windows 8, for example, with its Start screen.

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