Why, as a fan of B&B Vol Liefde, you should also watch the Belgian version

Why, as a fan of B&B Vol Liefde, you should also watch the Belgian version

The Belgian version of B&B with love he is called B&B looking for sweet. The big difference with the Dutch series is the length of the episodes. In Belgium, the episode lasts about 25 minutes. Much shorter than our hour-long broadcast. This ensures that they look beautiful and you can watch the series in no time. The show is in the hands of An Lemmens, whom we know mainly in the Netherlands as presenter of If you think you can dance.

There are also curvaceous people in the Belgian version. Did you like Dutch Richard Desiree from season two? Then you will fully enjoy, among other things, the Flemish Maurice and Katja. Maurice wants to win Isabelle’s heart and is a true gentleman, but he also loves to have fun. For example, he smears sunscreen all over his face, without smearing it well. He walks around all day with a white face. Katya wasted no time. On the way to Dirk, she already indicates that she is open to everything and everyone, including the rival ladies at Dirk’s bed and breakfast.

B&B looking for sweet It only happens in France. So all B&Bs are surrounded by beautiful French countryside. This guarantees beautiful images and idyllic images. Of course, picturesque French villages are visited during the dates. You really feel like you’re outside while watching.

Flemish is somewhat different from “hard” Dutch. It is a pleasure to absorb the language of our southern neighbors. For example, Maurice calls Isabelle, who is already in her fifties, “girl” all the time. Petra, wanting to conquer Mark’s heart, speaks up to the West Flemish. This is incomprehensible to most Dutch people, but it is much more fun. Fortunately, in Videoland you can choose to subtitle the series.

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In the Dutch variant, one gets three bed and breakfasts, while the other chooses five potential sweethearts. In the Belgian version of B&B with love All bed and breakfast owners get four love candidates on the floor. This makes it nice and clear, you know what to expect.

Are you convinced and want B&B looking for sweet to consider? You can now watch all 32 episodes in Videoland.

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