Fat it on, 20 tweets about sunburn!

Fat it on, 20 tweets about sunburn!

Spring is in full swing and summer is approaching. This means that the weather is getting better, the sun is showing itself more often, and therefore sunscreen should also be taken out of the closet and applied to the skin. Yesterday was also Sunburn Day. Protect your skin!

1. Here comes the sun!

2. So watch out that you don’t get burned.

3. Everyone should protect their skin well.

4. Even stock.

5. This way you have enough!

6. We don’t want a redhead.

7. So: Always bring a tube of sunscreen with you.

8. This way you are prepared for anything.

9. Almost anything.

10. So put on a good sunscreen!

11. Otherwise, you’ll get it again.

12. Everything is under control.

13. Atmosphere again.

14. Nice guy.

15. This will be a thing.

16. So that’s not how it works.

17. Although rubbing your back yourself is still hard.

18. Great if you get some help with that.

19. Another great beer tip!

20. Or stay indoors.

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