Why are you not allowed to refuel in this US state?

Why are you not allowed to refuel in this US state?

Now Oregon A legislative amendment was adopted, New Jersey is the only US state where it is illegal to fill up your car yourself. Each pumping station should have someone to do this for you. But why exactly?

After 1900, when passenger cars became more accessible to ordinary citizens, gas stations chose to use attendants. They were there not only to fill up the cars, but also to check the fluids, tires and battery.

Cars were complicated and people dreaded refueling

Cars are still very reliable and uncomplicated for most people. That’s why it’s useful to have someone at the gas station who can help you.

“Rising fuel prices lead to higher grocery prices”

The first self-service filling station in the United States opened in 1915, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that such stations became common.

Twenty-three states with self-service bans

Many states introduced self-service bans in the 1940s and 1950s for safety. So owners of non-self-service service stations claim that inexperienced drivers overfill the tank and cause fires.

Germany Gets Its Way: Watering Ban on Fuel Cars

It was highly overhyped, and fueled by fears of losing customers to self-service stations that offered cheaper fuel because they had lower staffing costs.

By 1968, self-service was banned in twenty-three US states. After the success of self-service stations in Europe, the US also tried, due to the fact that cars now had to be serviced at a dealer to claim warranty.

Also no maintenance, but selling food and drinks

In other words, gas stations had to switch to a different revenue model because they could no longer afford maintenance. Hence emphasis was given to the sale of food, beverages, tobacco etc.

The travel allowance is high, but does it cover the fuel costs?

Most self-service bans were repealed in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1972, 8 percent of American gas stations were self-service, twenty years later already 80 percent.

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In New Jersey, prohibition is now part of the culture

But why isn’t it allowed in New Jersey yet? It has been banned in the state since 1949 and every time there is talk of a change in the law, petrol station owners get in the way. They are afraid of loss in business.

Why is the price of petrol increasing?

Additionally, not refueling is now part of New Jersey’s culture and identity. “Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Boss,” reads a popular bumper sticker. Politicians also don’t want to burn their hands because the ban is strangely popular with the public.

This is slowly changing as fuel prices are rising and petrol station owners are finding it difficult to find staff. Nevertheless, a survey showed that 73 percent of New Jersey residents prefer to be served at a gas station.

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Why are you not allowed to refuel in this US state?

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