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The Android beta version of WhatsApp includes a feature that allows users to undelete certain messages. After removal, a popup will appear at the bottom to allow you to do so. The popup will disappear after a few seconds.

source: WABetaInfo

When deleting WhatsApp messages, users are given the option to delete a message only for themselves, or for other users also in the conversation. According to WABetaInfo, who often writes about new WhatsApp features, users can only restore messages they have deleted for themselves. Supposedly, WhatsApp wants to help users who delete a message just for themselves, when they actually want to delete it from all chat partners.

If users delete a post for themselves, the beta will display a popup indicating that the post has been deleted, with an undo button to the right. This undo button returns the message and users can, for example, delete it again, but for all users. This button disappears after a few seconds. Therefore, older messages cannot be retrieved.

WABetaInfo says that the feature currently only works with some beta testers. WhatsApp wants to gradually make the feature available to more beta users. Location Found in June No pointers for this job.

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