What time does Race Weekend start in the United States?

Hoe laat begint het raceweekend in de Verenigde Staten?

This year is set for the seventeenth round of the United States Grand Prix season. Max Verstappen It traveled to Texas by six points, but the race has dominated more in the past Lewis Hamilton.

Formula 1 has been coming to the United States since the 1950s, but the location of the race has changed constantly over time. The Circuit of the Americas competition has been running since 2012, where the next edition will take place. The circuit opened in 2012 and is located just outside Austin, the capital of the US state of Texas. It was designed by the German Hermann Dilke, known from many rounds.

Circuit of America

Dilke’s design vision is to copy and merge as many well-known twists and turns as possible on this path. For example, we look at copies Magots-Beckets-Chapel-Combination Silverstone and The Senna S. From Interlogos. The American circuit is 5.5 kilometers long and has twenty turns. Under good circumstances, the Grand Prix will take place over 56 rounds.

Hamilton vs. Verstappen

Hamilton has not been successful on American soil for three years, but has a great relationship with that country. Four consecutive wins between 2014 and 2017 show that the American circuit is the ‘Hamilton area’. In addition, the main competitor Red Bull Racing Never won a race. Verstappen, on the other hand, continues – a DNF band – who has always finished in the top four in Austin, including his time Red bull. This promises to be another exciting fight.

United States Grand Prix Schedule

Friday, October 22nd

VT1: 6:30 PM

VT2: 10pm.

Saturday, October 23rd

VT3: 8:00 PM

Grade: 11:00 PM

Sunday, October 24th

Match: 9pm.

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