The security company will also help the police in monitoring

Ook beveiligingsbedrijf gaat politie assisteren bij surveillance

Today it was announced Soldiers will be deployed To increase the sense of security in the community and help the Surinamese police through surveillance. However, from today, the police will also receive assistance from the security company INPROSER. The company announced the announcement via its Facebook page.

“During the last period there were fruitful discussions between the Suriname Police Force (KPS) and INPROSER. The request made by the authority was to obtain assistance from INPROSER in providing monitoring services within the large Paramaribo,” according to the company reports from Paramaribo.

INPROSER has indicated that it will approve this request! “As an organisation, we will fulfill our social duty to support the security of our beloved country,” the company said.

From Saturday, November 6, 2021, the cooperation between INPROSER and KPS will begin and the company’s vehicles (PHOTO) will be displayed in various regions.

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