What can you do with an old smartwatch?

What can you do with an old smartwatch?

Congratulations on your new smartwatch! In this edition of Android tips, we’ll show you what you can do with an old smartwatch.

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Android tips for old smartwatches

Many people keep their old smartwatch in a drawer. Which is quite a shame, because there are more than enough ways to give a watch a second life, or to gain something from it.

In this edition of Android tips, we show you what you can do with an old smartwatch. The list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope we can help you on your way.

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1. Reuse your old smartwatch

Start with the simplest solution. After all, you can also keep an old smartwatch. If your current watch suddenly breaks, always have a spare model on hand.

You can also continue to use an old smartwatch, for example as a sleep tracker. By wearing the watch at night, you can determine your sleep pattern and see how effectively you sleep at night. An additional plus is that your new watch always has enough power, because it can be charged at night.

Also useful: Use your old watch as a cycling computer or gym companion. The average smartwatch is packed with sensors that can measure kilometers traveled, average speed, and number of calories burned, among other things.

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2. Recycling

Recycling old smartwatches only knows winners. You may not realize it, but the discarded watch is full of precious materials like gold, platinum, and silver.

By recycling a smartwatch, no new raw materials need to be extracted and the mountain of e-waste (e-waste) does not increase in any way.

You can recycle an old smartwatch in several ways. When buying a new watch, you can often leave the old one with the seller, but you can also find return bins for electronic waste at the hardware store or large supermarket. the WeCycle website Show drop off points near you.

3. Sell

Smartwatches seem to be getting more expensive, but you can keep the price down by selling the older model. The value depends, among other things, on the specific model, external condition and technical condition. Depending on these conditions, you can order from a few tens to hundreds of euros.

Those who do not wish to negotiate with individuals on Marktplaats or in Facebook groups can also sell directly to businesses. There are many companies that specialize in buying used electronics, such as smart watches.

These sites always work the same way. You first register your old watch via the website, after which an offer is made. If this amount is sufficient, you can send the parcel (usually for free). The buyer will then inspect the old smartwatch and pay if the watch meets expectations.

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4. An original gift

Smartwatches are growing in popularity, but not everyone has one. Therefore, an old smart watch is an ideal gift – provided, of course, that it still looks stylish.

By giving away your watch, others can easily learn about all the benefits, without having to open their wallets right away.

5. Hobbies

are you an amateur Or do you want to become more user friendly with technology? You can also disassemble your old watch and subject it to the so-called tearing down.

In these types of videos, gadgets, such as smartwatches, are taken apart to see how everything works under the hood. Of course you can do it yourself. Who knows, you might learn something about the underlying technique, or at least figure out how not to.


Are you a real Harry Handy? Then the possibilities are almost endless and you can creatively reuse an old smartwatch. For example, there are videos online of people converting their watches into a file retro alarm clock Or make a completely new clock out of old materials.

6. Alarm clock or flashlight

You don’t want a smartphone in the bedroom, but do you need an alarm clock to wake you up? An old smartwatch is perfect for this. You don’t even have to wear it, because you can put it on your bedside table.

Speaking of which, you can also use a smartwatch as a flashlight. Of course you shouldn’t expect much from this — once you turn on the flashlight mode, the screen turns white (or yellow) — but the screen is bright enough to navigate through the house at night, for example, unscathed.

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Do you have any original ideas for using an old smartwatch? Then tell us in the comments.

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