What can you do if the juice channel spreads rumors about you? | Currently

What can you do if the juice channel spreads rumors about you?  |  Currently

Arjen Lubach read on Yvonne Coldeweiger’s Juice Channel that he exhibited aggressive behavior behind the scenes. This is nonsense, says the presenter, and so the vlogger received gossip last week e-mail from his lawyer. This isn’t the first time a celebrity has taken steps in response to “Juice.” What is the best thing to do when lies are spread about you?

Do not go to the police, but become a lawyer. That’s what media law attorney Thomas van Vogt advises. “Well, a civil attorney. In my experience, nine times out of ten the police do nothing with this type of case, because they consider it a civil matter. You can demand removal and correction through a lawyer.”

The legal framework surrounding juice channels is not much different from that of other journalists. “It’s been clarified in case law when a post is illegal. It has to be a public post. Whether it’s on Instagram, YouTube or in the newspaper, I don’t care so much as a lawyer.”

Specific rules for juice channel publications

It was the first time (and only one so far) that a judge specifically ruled on the rights and obligations of a juice outlet in lawsuit Brought by Samantha Stenwijk against Caldwire Channel iPhone life. The singer wanted a correction and 5,000 euros because of a video in which Coldeweiger claims that Steenwijk has used illegal diet pills to lose weight. This provision arises when the gossip channel’s publication is legitimate.

“You presented no gossip, but you presented it as fact. You made no reservations that it was a rumor,” the judge said.

In addition, Coldeweiger’s huge reach on social media – 624,000 followers on Instagram was taken very seriously. “This entails a certain liability. The defendant is not expected to give conclusive evidence before something is published, but it is expected of it to make it reasonable enough that there are serious indications for a serious allegation like this. This is not it. It succeeded. Because at the time of publication She only had one anonymous source.” Caldwyer was sentenced to rectification.

“He confirms that juice channels also adhere to certain rules,” says Van Vogt. “With the declaration: ‘I’m not a journalist, you can no longer get away with it.'”

Samantha Stenwick went to court.

Samantha Stenwick went to court.

Samantha Stenwick went to court.

picture: AP

The gravity of the accusation has weight

Caldwire reaction after judgment She is glad that she has now received “clear proof of her juice. I don’t have to present hard evidence from a judge, but just to make it admissible. I don’t have to file a claim before juice Bring. Protecting my sources because I am part of the press is very important to me and a win-win for all juice channels.”

In the event of a complaint, the same rules apply as with other media. Additionally, the sentencing depends on the seriousness of the accusation, van Vogt explains.

“Is someone being accused of a criminal offense or just of doing something immoral? The way the accusation is presented is also important. Do you present something as fact and claim to have evidence? Then you have to be able to prove it. Pack more carefully, then put Less stringent requirements and can pass through the legal category more quickly. The judge always balances interests.”

Gossip about Lubach

Coldeweiger has removed rumors about Lubach from her juice channel and promised not to repost them. “This case against her has been closed for our sake,” Lubach’s administration said. Arjen and his team continue to focus on the new season with great pleasure and enthusiasm Evening show with Arjen Lubach. “

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