Sony announces Xperia 1 IV gaming edition with additional memory and separate cooler – Tablets and phones – News

Sony and Nintendo can’t deny Steamdeck’s success, no one can.

There is a market for handheld mobile devices, but you have to do one thing: listen to the end users and that’s something Valve does better in terms of hardware than the other two in terms of software, they really are king and emperor. EGS is throwing away millions for a reason.

Sony, I want a black ps5… D-Brand: Here is the black ps5 customer – Sony; sued.
Nintendo: I want a portable device with more options… Valve: This is a SteamDeck..: Nintendo: erhm… We can’t sue..

My Steamdeck plays my Switch games without a problem. LTT has: Dare to take me down a video online for a reason. This is just a big thumbs up for the behavior of this type of organization who want to make money by making their way.

I’m buying your hardware, right? Then do what the masses demand.

Check out EA how it goes with Battlefield… Lots of recent examples to think about if you only build what people want, your product will do the rest.

The Sony Vita 2 could be made just fine, but they don’t want to. Otherwise, there would be more first-party support for vita games.

Now the question is who will bring the most profitable mobile device on the market… well it is not clear yet.

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