What can we expect from the measures? ‘They aim for enough’

What can we expect from the measures?  'They aim for enough'

Wear a mouth covering more often and the corona entry ticket is more comprehensive. Being the two scales Which the outgoing government is likely to announce today at a press conference – the first in a long time. In general, what can we expect from these two metrics?

“The government is now choosing a limited number of measures aimed at pushing the increase in admissions down a bit. This package will not tilt all curves down like a sledgehammer,” said epidemiologist Patricia Brugging (UMC Utrecht). Radio 1 . program News & Co..

According to her, the measures will be extended to places where pollution often goes unnoticed. This can be in the hairdresser, but also in the lecture hall. If you introduce measures there, then the number of places you can get infected will make less sense. “It will definitely have an impact. But it’s not a very big expansion so you can’t expect a very big impact from it.” As a result, it will likely take a long time before the number of cases again reaches a manageable level for healthcare.

Do people stick to it?

So does Marino van Zelst, an infectious disease designer (Wageningen University Research). was a member of The red team canceled todayA team of experts provided unwelcome advice to the government during the Corona period. “They aim for just enough proportion,” says van Zelst.

“This strategy is similar to what the government did last October,” he continues. “They put in a package that they assume is just enough to cut the number of shots down a bit.” But there are risks associated with this strategy.

Once people do not comply with the new measures, “enough” is not enough to stop infections and hospitalizations. Van Zelst: “You can calculate the effects of actions, but it is still difficult to estimate how much people comply with them.”

“There is no such thing as a table by which you can read any measure that has an impact on hospitalization,” says epidemiologist Alma Tostman (Radboud UMC). “OMT can roughly predict what the effect will be, but they also face uncertainties such as behavior.”

Minister De Jong does not want to go into the procedures yet, but is sure it is inevitable:

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