The couple can’t hide their disappointment with their purchase without watching

The couple can't hide their disappointment with their purchase without watching

In “Buy Without Looking” a big gamble is taken every time, because the couple would really love the house in question? For Lynn and Martin, this gamble doesn’t seem to work out well at first: the couple can’t hide their disappointment when they see the house they’ve bought. If the costs have also increased significantly due to asbestos and there is no additional budget, then it seems that it can no longer operate. But the episode ends with a big laugh.

“We’re not going here to see.”

Lynn and Martin live together in a 1950s apartment in Apeldoorn. The two bought the apartment about four years ago, but that was on Lynn’s initiative. Martijn didn’t like it this way, but it was Lynn who finally got her way. They have now exceeded the size of the apartment and are ready for a larger home.

The couple has a long list of requirements. They just want to live in specific neighborhoods in Apeldoorn, in a 1930s house (detached or semi-detached), with at least three bedrooms and a nice garden. And all for 4 tons. Bob does not immediately trust him and calls the couple’s wishes “completely unrealistic”. Not for their age, not for their budget, Bob said.


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Alex tries very bravely to find a suitable home, but soon comes to the same conclusion as Bob: with the wishes that the two of them have, it simply won’t work. So he gives them an ultimatum. “Either we’ve broken up now or we’re going to make a new plan,” he suggests. After a night of sleep, Lynn and Martin decide to adjust their wish list. They let go of the type of home and specific neighborhoods they had in mind. And it’s not without success, because it doesn’t take long before Alex buys a beautiful detached home.

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There is still a lot to be done, but since it is below budget, there is still plenty of money left for renovation and modifications needed. Unfortunately, Lynn and Martin seem less fond of the house. When they are allowed to watch the house, they lose their courage. Martijn Krabbé also has to swallow hard when he sees the house from the inside. The couple notes that the house is “a little bit bigger” than it is now and that there’s a lot more to do. It also seems that the requirement of having at least three bedrooms is not possible. Lynn stammered: “I don’t feel positive on the inside at all.” “No, I don’t like it.” Martin also does not speak. “We wouldn’t have gone here to see her.”


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And things don’t seem to be getting much better, because shortly after the couple toured the house, Alex received some bad news. He already knew the house contained asbestos, but how much was still unclear. However, after an investigation, it appears that at least an additional €10,000 is needed to remove the asbestos and that the funds are simply not available. So Bob must conclude that surrender is needed on another level. “It wouldn’t be either a kitchen, no bathroom, or no dormer window.”


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Fortunately, Lynn and Martijn’s apartment appears to have sold around the same period at a profit, which means some extra money is available after all. This allows asbestos to be removed, and a new kitchen, new bathroom and massive housing can be built. When Martin and Lynn see their new home at the end of the episode, they can’t believe their eyes. Due to the dormer window, a large area is added, so that the house still meets all its requirements. The two can’t believe their luck.

‘steam buy without looking He often has a hard time dealing with all these demanding candidates, as Bob and Ross say:

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