Welcome to the future of 2022 may be the last version | Displays

Welcome to the future of 2022 may be the last version |  Displays

The 14th Music Festival Welcome to the Future (WTTF) is the last edition of the festival in the nature and entertainment district Het Twiske and possibly also the last edition of the festival. The organization of the music festival announced, this morning, that the festival “will depend on this format” after the 2022 edition. It has not yet been decided whether the festival will return after this edition and how it will return.

“Welcome to the Future has decided after much deliberation and in close consultation with all parties involved, that this is the time to close the book,” according to the report of the festival organization, which is part of the festival organization ID&T. The ambitions of WTTF, nature and the recreation area are no longer aligned. WTTF has always embraced progress, and as strange as it may sound, that’s what this is all about. We will stop after this edition.

Gert van Veen WTTF started in 1993 as a cabaret night at the Paradiso pop theater. In 2007 is the first edition of the festival. “There’s always been a lot of love at the festival,” says Van Veen. And every year we prepared it on a wonderful festive day, with a very excited crowd. Every release the atmosphere was great. I am so grateful that we were able to experience that together all these years at Het Twiske.

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