Wehkamp pays 113 thousand euros for lower wages to the employee | Economie

Wehkamp pays 113 thousand euros for lower wages to the employee |  Economie
A former Wehkamp employee receives €113,000 from the company because she had to work at lower pay for a long time than a colleague who did the same job. The web store confirms this on Friday after earlier reports from de Volkskrant.

The 35-year-old has filed a lawsuit against Wehkamp. The Leeuwarden Court of Appeal will make a decision within two weeks, but the retailer did not want to wait for that decision. Therefore, she is now paying the money without admitting guilt.

The woman began working for the firm as a lawyer around the same time as a male colleague. After some time, it became clear to her that she earns 1,000 euros per month less than the man.

Only after a year and a half and several requests from the woman, the company equalized the bonus. From that moment on, her employer doubted her performance, while before that she was positive about her.

The woman decided to go to court. Due to legal action, she ended up at home with exhaustion, he writes de Volkskrant. At first, the employer was right, but IHR Rule Unlike that. A trip to court followed.

So Wehkamp does not wait for this ruling and will make up for lost wages as well as severance payments. This together amounts to 113,000 euros. The company says it regrets having reached an action and is happy to have the dispute now resolved.

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