Amalia is on a photoshoot for the first time since threatening messages appeared in public

Amalia is on a photoshoot for the first time since threatening messages appeared in public


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Princess Amalia appeared in public for the first time since threats were made against her. She showed herself in a photo session of King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima and her two sisters.

In September, De Telegraaf reported that security measures surrounding the crown prince had been significantly tightened. She and Prime Minister Rutte will appear in organized crime communications, which may have indicated plans for an attack or kidnapping.

Queen Maxima said last month that Amalia can barely leave her home. And she is They have not moved to Amsterdamwhich was planned due to its study in the capital.

The photo session is on a different date from previous years. Previously, two photo sessions were held at specific times: in the summer and during winter sports. Now sessions are held only when the whole family is together. That moment now comes in the fall, in part because Princess Alexia is at a boarding school in Wales.

The Oranges was shown at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam, where Juliana’s exhibition can now also be seen. The princesses were dressed in business clothes, in jackets and suits.

queen Máxima wore a colorful coat:

Royal family photo session

The previous photo session was at the Nordeinde Palace in June. Then the opportunity to shoot from Zuiderstrand in The Hague was moved to the palace, because the weather was bad.

In that previous session, King said that perspective should be offered to farmers, who have been in limbo for some time due to the nitrogen crisis. No interviews were given at today’s photo opportunity.

Summer session at Noureddine Palace:

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