Webern Van Haga Welle, the Corona madness: “There is no doubt about the Corona crisis, but a care crisis”

Webern Van Haga Welle, the Corona madness: “There is no doubt about the Corona crisis, but a care crisis”

Last night, Member of Parliament Webern van Haga was a guest on the Jinek talk show, where he was very critical of the QR scale. Van Haga wants a structural increase in IC capacity, because the Netherlands is clearly in a health care crisis. The politician explained that the Corona Corridor is a great farce. Dutch vaccinated people can enter everywhere, while previously unvaccinated Dutch people are rejected.

It has been an important argument against the tyranny of Corona’s passage for some time: why the infected and vaccinated Dutch can move freely in Society? The government claims to create a Corona-Free Zone by introducing the Corona Corridor and thus excluding unvaccinated Dutch people or raising the entry threshold. Meanwhile, vaccinated people get a license, even if they are infectious. Which is ridiculous of course Webern from Haga.

Van Haga sat down with Genk to detail how discriminatory the passage of Corona is and why he is going to court:

“This corona corridor is basically a discriminatory thing, the group is excluded from society and also pits society against each other. You see massive bigotry develop. And these 250,000 people [de ondertekende aangifte gestart door BVNL] They feel that distinction and because it’s hard in politics, on the one hand you have the collectivists who think we should all come together as a big group and then you can vaccinate someone to help. Then you have the people who choose individual freedom on the other side. It can’t be resolved politically, so I thought let’s see what the judge thinks.”

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Van Haga explained to Jinek that the so-called collectivists no longer wished to see the Corona Corridor as a measure so severe and discriminatory that he was forced to go to court. The issue can no longer be settled in the political arena. Going to court isn’t a bad thing, with people like Hugo de Jonge on your head you can keep slamming until you weigh an ounce. He would never listen to well-intentioned criticism and advice anyway.

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