November 29, 2022

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Poland loses mega exports to US due to bird flu

Poland loses mega exports to US due to bird flu

Polish poultry farmers are suffocating as bird flu has been re-diagnosed in many parts of the country. Exports should be stopped, as a result of which Poland is at risk of losing large export orders from the United States (US).

This year, there have already been 345 bird flu outbreaks in Poland. These are in addition to the African swine flu that is severely affecting swine farming in the country. In total, more than 12 million animals were removed from poultry farms. The country does not have enough resources to fight the epidemic.

Disposal and destruction of killed animals is a problem. Due to lack of sufficient capacity in processing plants, farmers have already started burying livestock.

New outbreaks of avian influenza also indicate that exports must be stopped. A few months ago, Polish declared no bird flu after an outbreak in the spring. Now the country is in danger of losing large export orders from the United States (US). As a result, 24 poultry farms will be shut down and 31,600 tons of poultry exports to the United States will be stopped.

Moreover, for Polish peasants, the Polish-European conflict threatens to leave more hands on the appointment of independent Polish judges. The European Union (EU) has refused to pay subsidies from the Corona Redemption Fund until Warsaw continues to oppose the EU constitution.

Poland responded by saying it would not pay the EU arrears next year. But if so, Brussels says the EU will suspend all other ‘regular’ EU payments, such as general agricultural policy.

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