“We were keen to maintain the same earning but with fewer working hours, and we succeeded.” | salary

“We were keen to maintain the same earning but with fewer working hours, and we succeeded.” |  salary

salaryhow much do you earn? We ask a Dutchman that every week. Today: Marlos, 33, is a psychiatric nurse in the Crisis Service.

What do you earn?
“My gross salary is 3,468 euros, and my net salary is between 2,700 and 2,900 euros.”

Are you happy with your monthly salary?
For the position I hold, I am not poorly paid, and I am quite satisfied with that. Especially since I don’t work full time. I’m on scale 55, which is a higher measure for nursing.”

What are your additional benefits?
, I get holiday allowance and we have year-end bonus, which equates to a full 13th month. In addition, we receive a balance budget that you can use to purchase additional vacation or that you can use to study and develop. We have a bicycle plan and travel is partially reimbursed if you come with your own transport. Public transportation costs are paid in full. We also receive a vital budget of 150 euros, which we can use to subscribe to the gym, for example.

Did you negotiate your salary?
“When I came to work here, I was two years old. Then I worked 36 hours. I wanted to keep the same earning but with fewer hours worked. It worked and I got the same salary with one less workday per week. Every year I go up a step with my salary. I receive Also compensation for the administrative tasks that I perform.

How do you like to negotiate?
“That was very exciting. I came blank on the terms of my job interview, but with the idea that I wanted to earn the same thing with less work. That was a nice deal that the employer agreed to.”

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Do you know what your colleagues earn?
,,yes. There is not much difference in salary. It depends on how you train. There are fewer nurses than me by one measure. I never understand the taboo on talking about money. It’s good to talk about it, I’m not ashamed of it.

How does inflation affect your salary?
“In the collective labor agreement negotiations, it was decided that we would improve between 6 and 9 percent. Those negotiations were coordinated at the beginning of this year, and unfortunately that was before inflation.”

How do you see your future?
“I have one of the nicest places to work in psychiatry. There is a lot of encouragement to develop yourself. Many colleagues are pursuing training alongside their work. I plan to do the same myself, and I want to start training as a specialist nurse soon.”

Does Marlos earn enough?

Age: 33
Number of years of relevant work experience: 11 (of which 2 were as an HBO nurse)
Education level: HBO
Number of working hours per week: 32
Occupation: Psychiatric nurse
Industry: healthcare

According to the Salary guide The average salary for someone with the same activities as Marloes totals around €3,570 per month. “I can relate to this. My salary is lower, but I just finished nursing for two years and the amount is based on the number of years of experience within my ladder.”

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