NPO Chief on DWDD’s Culture of Fear: “How Did It Happen?” | The media

NPO Chief on DWDD's Culture of Fear: "How Did It Happen?"  |  The media

The head of the NPO, Frederick Leflang, is shocked by the article in V.I De Volkskrant On Cross-Border Behavior by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk at The world goes on (DWDD). She says that on Saturday news hour. “A successful program for fifteen years. Maybe these conditions for fifteen years as well. How could this happen? Why was nothing done with the signals given?”

Volkskrant I posted a story about abusive behavior in the workplace on Friday DWDD. A culture of fear prevailed for many years, due in part to the behavior of broadcaster Van Nieuwkirk. He is said to have abused, intimidated and humiliated the staff, causing dozens to fall ill.

NPO Chairman Leeflang announced earlier Saturday that the matter is under investigation in DWDD. It’s still not clear what exactly that research will look like. There should also be a “short term” action plan to prevent something like this from happening again.

“Exactly in situations like these, I think you always have to look at multiple sides, which is why the research is so important. You look not only at what happened to the employees involved, but also: How did the presenter manage to engage in this behavior,” Levlang said in a statement. news hour.

Levlang also said that “at this time” the nonprofit has not received any indications of deviant behavior on other public radio programming. “And I would also really like it to be like that. I also hope that if it is like that, it will appear in the next period.”

Earlier this year, the NPO investigated whether there were enough confidential advisors. The reason for this was an episode of Angry about transgressive sexual behaviour The Voice of the Netherlands. “This is also one of the reasons I asked myself: How is this possible? There must be an answer to that.”

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