Watching TV on the phone works this way

Watching TV on the phone works this way

Watching TV through the phone? Which can! In this edition of Android tips, we show you how to watch (live) TV anytime, anywhere.

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Android Tips: This is how you watch TV on your phone

You can watch TV anytime and anywhere these days. At least, provided you have installed the correct apps. In this edition of Android tips, we show you how to watch (live) TV on your phone.


NLZIET’s mission is clear: to make sure you can watch TV anytime, anywhere. How this happens is entirely up to you. For example, you can watch (live) on your smartphone via the NLZIET app, but it is also possible to stream these images to your larger TV screen via Chromecast. Of course you can also simply launch via the browser.

From NPO and RTL to SBS and everything in between: With the basic NLZIET package you can receive no less than 38 channels from the Netherlands and abroad. For a small extra fee (NLZIET Extra subscription) you can also access ten additional channels, including BBC One and the History Channel.

nlzeet It costs €7.95 per month, while the Extra subscription is exactly €1 more expensive. The package can be canceled monthly and there is a two-week free trial. Also good to know: NLZIET operates throughout the European Union. Handy for the holidays!


Dutch public radio fans should join in NPO We are. Via the website and smartphone app, all Dutch people can watch NPO 1, 2 and 3 live for free, or follow a radio programme.

In addition, many episodes can be watched afterwards. It is no coincidence that the NPO’s website has a different name, Uitzending Gemist. The NPO app is available for Android phones and tablets. Of course there is a cast function so that you can forward programs to your Chromecast.

Android Tips Watch TV on the phone NPO PLUS

In addition to television broadcasts, NPO also has a large selection of high-quality documentaries, films and series. This is not always free to watch. Fortunately, subscribing to NPO Plus is very affordable, because the service costs € 2.95 per month and can be canceled every month.

3. Watch live TV through service providers

Do you have a TV subscription with a provider? You will most likely be able to watch live TV via an app.

Ziggo customers must have the extension go app for download. This allows you to watch live TV via your phone, tablet or browser. It is also possible to record movies and series, so that you can check them later.

Almost all major providers have their own TV app. For example, T-Mobile customers have an extension TV Anywhere appwhile you are also with KPNTV Watch TV anytime, anywhere via the Internet. Furthermore it Tele2 its own TV application.

4. Watch live sports

Of course it is also possible to watch live sporting events over the phone. For example, if you want to stay informed about Formula 1, you have two options.

to F1 TV Pro You can watch all the races live for €64.99 a year. There is a seven day free trial. You can also watch with the panel cameras, switch between camera angles, and have access to a huge archive of hundreds of historical races, among others, F2 and F3.

You can also follow Formula 1 online across play. This costs €15.99 per month, but for the first month you’ll only pay €6.99. Not only does Viaplay own the rights to F1, but it also broadcasts English Premier League football and darts matches. There is also a wide variety of movies and series to choose from.

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